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During Your Hospital Visit

The Day of Admission

Patients are admitted to the hospital the same day as the surgery. When you arrive at the hospital on the morning of surgery, go directly to the short stay unit. This is the same location where your pre-op visit occurred. The staff in this area will take you to the pre-anesthesia area where you will change into a hospital gown and an intravenous line for fluid and medication administration will be started.

What to bring to the hospital the day of admission:

  • Any forms or papers given to you in the office to take to the hospital
  • Medical insurance and Medicare card(s), as well as other identification such as a driver’s license.
  • A list of medications including the name of the medication, dosage, and how often it is taken
  • A list of important phone numbers, including those of friends you might want to call while you are in the hospital
  • Sturdy bedroom slippers with non-skid soles
  • The hospital will provide you with a gown to wear in bed but you may bring your own if you wish
  • A knee-length robe (a longer robe makes walking difficult)
  • Toiletries
  • Reading material
  • Crutches or walker (if you already have them), but have someone bring them to the hospital the day after surgery
  • Some people like to bring their favorite pillow
  • No medications; it causes confusion and the nurses prefer to dispense all medication (including vitamins) so that they know what you are getting
  • No credit cards, jewelry or other valuable items

In the Operating Room

Time in surgery varies depending on the procedure you are having. In addition to time spent in the actual procedure, patients are in the operating room for approximately 45 additional minutes for anesthetic induction before, and recovery after, the operation.

When the operation is completed, your physician will meet with relatives or friends in the surgical waiting area to give them a progress report.

You will wake up in the recovery room where you will be kept comfortable. You cannot be visited in the recovery room, but you can be visited as soon as you get to your room. You will be in the recovery room for one to two hours.

When you arrive in your hospital room, your vital signs will be monitored, a nursing assessment will be completed and you will begin your post-surgical recovery. You recovery plan will depend on the type of surgery you have had.

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