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My Baby Expectations™ e-newsletter

The anticipation and arrival of a baby is a very exciting time. My Baby Expectations will help you understand what's happening physically and emotionally as your pregnancy progresses and your baby develops.

The My Baby Expectations e-newsletter will:

  • Provide month-by-month information about the changes you'll experience during your pregnancy and what you can expect as your baby develops
  • Continue with month-by-month guidelines on what to expect as your baby grows from infant to toddler
  • Offer tips on how to prepare for and care for your new arrival
  • Provide a handy checklist to make the big day (and the year thereafter) go more smoothly
  • Automatically move you to the Get Healthy, Live Well e-newsletter, which includes parenting tips, when your child turns 1

Subscribe to My Baby Expectations, or visit www.tanner.org/mybabyexpectations.

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