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Tanner Maternity Q&A

A new is baby coming! If you have questions, just ask!

At Tanner’s maternity centers, we know the months and weeks leading up to your baby’s arrival are full of things to do:  taking prenatal classes, decorating and furnishing a nursery, choosing a name, making sure you have clothes, diapers and blankets for your new baby and so much more.

We know you have a lot of questions, too. Don’t be afraid to ask. Jot down your questions and concerns, and bring them with you to a Tanner maternity center when you take your tour. In the meantime, here are some common questions and answers that you can review in advance.


Q:  I’m not sure about having my baby in the traditional delivery room. What if I want a hospital birth in a more personal environment?

A:  Both Tanner maternity centers allow you to experience labor and delivery in the same room, without having to move from a labor room to a delivery room. The latest medical equipment combines with home-like furnishings for a personal, intimate birth experience.


Q:  Can my husband or partner be present?

A:  The baby’s father or other loved ones can be present for the birth.


Q:  Are my family or other support people allowed to be present for the labor and birth?

A:  Tanner knows that when a new baby joins the family, it’s natural to want members of your family to share the experience. The accommodations in each Tanner maternity center features an adjacent private waiting room designed to keep your family close by. That way, you decide how involved your family will be in your baby’s delivery.


Q:  Can the baby stay with me in my room rather than being taken to the nursery?

A:  Your baby can receive loving care in Tanner’s advanced, fully-equipped nursery. Or, if you prefer, you can choose our rooming-in option and mother-baby care. If you’d like the baby to stay with you and want to choose rooming-in, please let your doctor know in advance.


Q:  I’ll be breastfeeding for the first time. Are lactation consultants available?

A:  Tanner maternity centers believe that breast milk is the very best nourishment for your baby. We support breastfeeding; but we also know that breastfeeding doesn’t always come easily. It’s a learned skill. Our lactation consultants are professionals who provide education to mothers, families and the community, and also assist mothers and babies in establishing a good breastfeeding relationship. Fees may apply. For more information about Tanner's lactation consultants, please call 770.836.9711 in Carrollton or 770.456.3150 in Villa Rica.


Q:  Are there specific visiting hours?

A:  Tanner maternity centers’ family-oriented facilities allow your loved ones to share your birthing experience with you in a comfortable, intimate environment. Visiting hours allow time for immediate family, including siblings who are naturally curious about their new brother or sister. Visitors under the age of 12 are not allowed in Tanner maternity centers unless they are siblings of the baby. Visiting hours for those other than the primary support person are from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Loved ones who have respiratory infections or a fever should not visit the maternity centers.


The goal of Tanner's maternity centers is to make your experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about available services, please call 770.836.9711 in Carrollton or 770.456-3150 in Villa Rica.

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