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Calcium Scoring Quiz

Knowing your risk for cardiovascular disease is instrumental in helping you and your physician devise a plan that can reduce the odds of experiencing a life-threatening heart attack.

Tanner offers a simple, fast, noninvasive and low-cost screening called a cardiac CT for calcium scoring, which can determine if calcified plaque has accumulated in a patient’s arteries. Cardiac CT for calcium scoring has been found to be effective in diagnosing atherosclerosis in more than 93 percent of at-risk patients.

This quiz will help you determine if you qualify for a calcium scoring. Note: This quiz is not intended to replace the evaluation of a healthcare professional. 
What is your gender?  *What is your age?  *Do you have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes?  *Do you have high blood pressure?  *Are you an active smoker?  *Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol?  *Do you have a family history of premature heart disease (brother or father younger than 55, sister or mother younger than 65)?  *

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