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Healthy Living Begins Here

We tend to think of healthy living or wellness as a goal — a place we want to be. But living a healthier life isn’t a destination; it’s a journey.

Wellness is making one right choice at a time — the salad, not the pizza; the stairs, not the elevator; the stick of gum, not the cigarette.

No journey is without obstacles, however. We know our neighbors throughout west Georgia encounter challenges to living a healthier life. Healthy, nutritious food isn’t always convenient, neighborhoods aren’t conducive to exercise and tobacco is one of the most addictive substances legally available in the United States.

Indeed, getting healthy can be an uphill slog.

Get Healthy, Live Well is working to make the journey easier, empowering residents and families throughout west Georgia to live a healthier life by overcoming those obstacles to better health. We offer free, community-based programs to help residents manage — or, better, prevent — chronic disease. We’re here to help you quit tobacco, improve your nutrition, battle childhood obesity and become more physically active.

Thousands of residents throughout Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties have taken advantage of Get Healthy, Live Well’s free programs, and the initiative’s community-based taskforces are working at the grassroots level to address health disparities and make west Georgia a healthier place to live, learn, work, play and pray — one step, one right choice at a time.

Join us on the journey. Check out the links to the right to learn more.

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