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Healthy Haralson Leadership Committee

No one knows better or more intimately the challenges that face Haralson County than Haralson County’s people. That’s why Healthy Haralson is led by Haralson County residents.

Built through collaboration and partnership, Healthy Haralson is a community network made up of six targeted taskforces working to ensure all residents have equitable opportunities and resources to get healthy and live well.

Those taskforces include healthy lifestyle and education, increase awareness of existing resources, increase provider resources, senior needssubstance misuse and youth mental health.

Together, we can identify the obstacles to health that so many in Haralson County face, and find innovative ways to overcome those barriers to better health.

For more information about Healthy Haralson, contact Alicia Michael, rural health outreach coordinator, at 770-812-2307 or amichael@tanner.org.

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