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Why engage?

An Investment in Your People and Your Organization

Employee assistance programs are an additional benefit that an organization can offer its employees, similar to a health plan, tuition reimbursement or paid time off.

While research shows employees are grateful for the security these programs offer, engage is more. It’s an answer to productivity challenges that helps you continue to operate at peak performance with the team you have in place.

engage conserves your organization’s resources by:

  • Keeping employees productive – Through one-on-one counseling, family counseling, workplace interventions and more, engage helps you get the most out of your team.
  • Saving training and hiring costs – emotional health problems can require employees to withdraw from work to the extent that they either resign or must be removed from their position. With engage, you can ensure that the team you’ve already hired and trained can continue to keep your organization going.
  • Preserving staff levels – Losing productivity means less work is being accomplished. With engage, you can help your team overcome barriers to productivity, so you can get more done with the team you have.
  • Helping you recruit and retain top staff – Your industry’s top professionals want to know that the organizations that employ them are interested in their wellbeing. With engage, you demonstrate that you’re committed to bringing the best people on board and keeping them working in your organization’s interest.

With engage, you can help your employees resolve personal issues and remain focused, productive and competitive.

Some Cases in Point

What does access to an employee assistance program mean for participating organizations?

A study from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Federal Occupational Health service examined the impact that employee assistance program services had on more than 60,000 workers. The study found that:

  • People who had difficulty completing daily work due to emotional health problems demonstrated a 73 percent improvement in productivity
  • Tardiness and unplanned absences declined by a day and a half per case
  • Participants’ clinical functioning improved by an average of 10 percent

A workplace outcome survey conducted among established engage clients showed similar results:

  • The number of respondents who said that a problem had caused them to miss work declined by 9 percent
  • Respondents who said their problem kept them from enjoying their work declined by 32 percent
  • Respondents who said they felt anxious at work declined by 32 percent

Some of the nation’s largest, most productive companies — including Abbot Laboratories, Chevron, the Hartford Group, McDonnell Douglas and Southern California Edison — have conducted intensive cost-benefit studies on the value of employee assistance programs and all have found significant improvements in employee attendance, reduction in behavioral health and substance abuse issues and other benefits.

As you see, access to an employee assistance program such as engage can directly improve an organization’s attendance, employee satisfaction and productivity.

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