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engage for Referred Employees

No matter how hard we try, sometimes life brings challenges that cause us to feel overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. Most of the time we put things back together on our own or with the help of friends, family or coworkers. But sometimes the problems are big enough or last long enough that professional help is needed. Whether the problems are personal in nature or related to your job, engage can help you engineer new solutions to get your life back on track.

Most of the time, individuals are self-referred or may have been encouraged to call by a friend, family member or a coworker. In other cases, managers or supervisors may refer employees either out of concern for the individual or because the person’s job performance suggests that a personal problem may be affecting their ability to do their work effectively.

How engage Works

The initial call

The initial call is answered by engage staff who will listen sympathetically to the reasons for calling. He or she will then transfer the call to a licensed counselor who can give immediate assistance or will schedule a convenient appointment time. At the initial appointment, some paperwork will provide basic information to the counselor and explain engage’s privacy policy. After the paperwork is completed, the client will visit with a counselor.

The first appointment

The first appointment usually lasts about 90 minutes, with subsequent appointments lasting up to an hour. engage specializes in short-term counseling, and the number of visits is determined by the specific problem as well as the company’s contract with engage.

If necessary, return appointments may be scheduled in order to assist in continuing to work toward an acceptable resolution. Depending on the nature of the concerns, visitors may also be referred to other professionals, such as other mental health counselors, attorneys, financial consultants, physicians or any variety of specialists.

engage follow-up with managers

Most of the time, the only information a manager will receive from engage is that the employee attended the initial session. Unless the employee gives written permission, no information of a personal nature is provided to anyone other than the engage professional staff. When there are job-related issues in need of resolution, the employee may choose to involve the manager, but will be required to sign a release for appropriate information to be exchanged. If the employee is able to resolve his or her personal problems, the manager will typically see improvement in the employee’s job performance.

Cost and eligibility

Individuals are not charged for telephone contacts or visits to engage. The service is provided by the employer through a contract with Tanner Health System and is available to employees and their dependent family members. In most cases, health benefits will pay a portion of any referral costs.

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