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engage For Managers

Managers are one of the most essential parts of any successful employee assistance program. They are in touch daily with their employees’ job performance and are aware of those times when an employee is dealing with a personal issue or when an employee’s accomplishments fall below the usual standard.

engage is a management resource that can be used to assist employees. If the manager has been made aware of an employee’s personal concerns, he or she may encourage the employee to make an appointment and provide them with additional information about engage, including location, phone number and the confidential nature of engage’s services.

How to Refer Employees

When an employee’s job performance is affected, a manager may suggest engage as a way to resolve performance problems through professional help and thus prevent future interference with job expectations. If you are concerned about an employee, please call engage at 770.834.8327.

Follow-up With Managers

Most of the time, the only information a manager will receive from engage is that the employee attended the initial session. Unless the employee gives written permission, no information of a personal nature is provided to anyone other than the engage professional staff.  When there are job-related issues in need of resolution, the employee may choose to involve the manager, but will be required to sign a release for appropriate information to be exchanged.  If the employee is able to resolve his or her personal problems, the manager will typically see improvement in the employee’s job performance.

Other engage Manager Services

Managers also may call engage for themselves. After all, even managers can experience personal problems. In addition, they may consult with engage staff regarding group or individual job performance issues, teamwork or team building concerns or when dealing with a workplace crisis. engage also provides a number of staff development programs that can be tailored to fit the needs of the specific workplace.

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