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The Value of Employee Assistance

Your organization relies on the productivity of your people. Engaged, productive employees work faster, better handle professional demands and workplace changes, and are more creative in their interactions with customers and clients.

However, research from the National Mental Health Association shows that employees who come to work but cannot be as productive as possible can cost an organization up to 12 percent of its workforce’s productivity every day.

Along with being among the most common behavioral health issues in the nation, depression and anxiety are also among the top reasons that employee productivity suffers. These issues are so prevalent that they affect workers at every level and in every industry, from front-line staff to senior executives.

While some of this lost productivity can come from workplace challenges, such as strained relationships with colleagues or institutional changes in how the organization conducts business, the issues often fall beyond the purview of the organization. Members of your team are being less productive than they could because of financial problems, family issues, personal health struggles and more.

engage offers a multifaceted solution for lost productivity, helping organizations cultivate a team that’s operating at the top of its game.

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