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A Solution to Foot and Ankle Pain - Villa Rica

Tanner Medical Center/Villa Rica
Classrooms A and B

May 2, 2019  |  6:00 PM  -  7:00 PM

Advancing Your Health Education Series

If you're dealing with a painful foot or ankle injury or condition, then you know how debilitating it can be, keeping you from the things you enjoy doing and limiting your mobility and your life.

Foot and ankle pain can stem from a series of problems ranging from sprains and fractures to plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis and more.

Join Daniel Maxwell, MD, a foot and ankle orthopedic specialist with Carrollton Orthopedic Clinic, as he leads a free discussion for those seeking a lasting solution for their foot and ankle pain. He will cover the latest treatment options for a range of foot and ankle conditions, as well as injuries and disorders and the surgical and non-surgical options that are available right here in west Georgia.

Hosted by Tanner Health System, this educational event gives you the opportunity to learn about the latest approaches in foot and ankle pain relief and the surgical technology available from a specialist in orthopedic health.

601 Dallas Highway
Villa Rica, GA 30180