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A Lasting Solution to Chronic Heartburn - Bremen

Sewell Mill Events Facility & Community Center
Main Building

April 25, 2019  |  6:30 PM  -  7:30 PM

Advancing Your Health Education Series

Reflux occurs when the acid from your stomach washes up into your esophagus, which carries food from your mouth to your stomach. Often, it occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) — the band of muscle at the top of the stomach — becomes weakened or impaired so that it cannot close completely, allowing the acid to escape the stomach.

Tanner’s Advancing Your Health Education Series is proud to host a board-certified digestive disease specialist and a board-certified surgeon to discuss a new advancement in treatment that provides lasting relief for GERD — without daily medication and without continuous treatment.

Available for the first time ever in west Georgia, this free educational discussion will cover how GERD is diagnosed, the advanced treatments available and a new procedure that can offer:

  • Complete cessation of medication for GERD in the vast majority of patients, with 85 percent of patients able to discontinue daily medication for GERD
  • Resolution for reflux symptoms in the overwhelming majority of patients, with 99 percent of patients reporting that heartburn no longer interrupted their sleep and 97 percent reporting that they no longer have to alter their daily diets
  • A low risk of side effects, resulting in high patient satisfaction

Seating is limited. You must register to attend. Light refreshments will be available.


126 Hamilton Ave.
Bremen, GA 30110