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Career Areas at Tanner

Did you know that health systems like Tanner have a wide variety of career opportunities? Please take a few moments to review the categories below, then click the links to view our current job listings.


These positions are often those that involve a great deal of work with the general public and also include clerical duties such as typing, filing, answering telephones and coordinating schedules. Examples include: receptionist, administrative assistant, customer service representative, registration, etc.

Allied Health

These positions usually require specialized training and often licensure or registration. These positions are clinical in nature. Examples include: radiologic technologist, respiratory therapist, medical lab technologist and pharmacist.

Clinical Support

These positions are often “technician” positions that work in support of other clinical functions. Some are more clerical in nature and most will involve direct patient care and/or interaction. Examples include: unit secretary and patient transport.

Management Clinical

These positions are usually positions that require specialized clinical licensure (e.g. registered nurse) but also include a leadership role.


These positions are jobs that require strong leadership skills and in most cases will require direct experience and higher education. An example of these positions is: department manager.


Nursing, as a crucial part of the health care system, is the care and protection of individual patients ranging in all ages, groups, communities through health promotion, education and application on prevention of illness.

Professional – Clinical

These positions are highly specialized positions that will usually require post-secondary education and/or direct experience. People in these positions usually work in (or closely with) the patient care areas and will usually require background in those areas.

Professional – Non-Clinical

These positions are usually in departments that are not directly involved in patient care. They will usually require post-secondary education or substantial experience in the given field.


These are in areas that do not require direct patient care but will often involve direct patient contact. These positions will usually require a high school diploma or equivalent and some will require additional technical training. Examples include: food production tech, housekeeping, and engineering.

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