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Your Cancer Resources

The Tanner way of caring includes treating the whole person, not just the disease. The Roy Richards, Sr. Cancer Center and Tanner Breast Health both partner with specialists who can participate in your integrated cancer treatment program and provide customized care and support.

Our integrated cancer treatment program includes:

  • Behavioral health
    A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. Emotions and reactions range from depression to anxiety, stress and even extreme agitation or anger. Such feelings are natural, but they could hinder your ability to fight and recover from cancer. Tanner can help, providing you with access to comprehensive behavioral and psychological care. 
  • Pain management
    Pain specialists can work with you, as a part of the treatment team, to develop a plan that works successfully to overcome pain problems. 
  • Nutrition
    Give your body the correct fuel it needs for optimum wellness. Dietitians and nutritional experts work within our team environment to help you develop a plan to maximize your nutritional intake.
  • Pastoral care
    Studies show that patients who share a spiritual relationship with others have higher rates of improvement. Encouraging spiritual growth by offering pastoral care is part of the way we care at Tanner— for the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 
  • Group support
    Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you’re a long-time cancer survivor, you’ll find strength and camaraderie at group meetings with others who are battling or who have conquered cancer. 
  • Education
    If you want or need to do your own cancer research, the Patient Resource Center located inside the Roy Richards, Sr. Cancer Center will provide you with print resources and computer access to additional trusted sources of cancer information.

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