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Resources and Support

Tanner Breast Health is here to support you—the whole you

Tanner Health Systems’ advanced breast care facilities offer a full range of women’s breast care services. From screenings and diagnostic procedures to state-of-the-art treatment, our patients have access to state-of-the-art medical treatments and leading breast care specialists.

The benefits of emotional support

One of the most frequently diagnosed cancers in American women, breast cancer ranks second after lung cancer for the most cancer deaths in women. As detection techniques and treatments continue to push the likelihood of survival higher, one interesting fact has come to light: research shows that women who can connect with support systems experience real benefits in their battle against cancer.

Social support can reduce anxiety, emotional distress, depression and feelings of pain. And support groups can improve your mood, self-image and ability to cope.

We believe in an integrated treatment program

The Tanner way of caring includes treating the whole person, not just the disease. It’s important to try and look your best. Looking good helps improve your mood and maintain a healthy self-image, so you can maintain the strength to cope with the stress of treatments. Although cancer can rob you of your energy and appetite, it doesn’t have to take away your self-confidence.

Tanner Breast Health partners with specialists who can participate in your integrated treatment program by offering customized care and support. Some of these include:

  • Patient Navigators – Following a diagnosis of breast cancer, a Patient Navigator will help you and your family navigate through the complexities of your treatment in a timely and caring manner. Your Patient Navigator will be available as an on-going, consistent point of contact for through the full continuum of care after your diagnosis, providing emotional support, as well as links to support services that you and your family may need. Learn more about Patient Navigators.
  • Clinical nutrition services - Give your body the fuel it needs for optimum wellness. Dietitians and nutritional experts work within our team environment to help you develop a plan to maximize your nutritional intake. (Don’t forget to check out our recipes in Tanner Cancer Care for meals you can make that rank high in health value, as well as flavor.)
  • Pain management services - Pain specialists can work with you, as a part of the treatment team, to develop a plan that works successfully to overcome pain problems.
  • Pastoral care - Studies show that patients who share a spiritual relationship with others have higher rates of improvement. Encouraging spiritual growth by offering pastoral care is part of the way we care at Tanner—by caring for the whole person. Learn more about Pastoral Care.
  • Behavioral health - Do you need to learn more healthy habits, or unlearn unhealthy ones? Smoking cessation, weight loss, dealing with stress—all these can contribute to better health. Our breast care specialists can offer referrals to Willowbrooke at Tanner behavioral health specialists who can help you overcome unhealthy habits and attitudes.
  • Tanner Boutique – Tanner Boutique at Tanner Breast Health in Carrollton offers a beautiful, unique and nurturing environment for women to shop for healthcare items in an atmosphere of comfort and privacy. For women who have undergone breast surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it’s important to find a place staffed by professionals who understand your situation and can help you feel like yourself again. Learn more about Tanner Boutique.
  • Breast cancer support group - “Survive and thrive together” is the motto of Tanner’s Breast Cancer Support Group for women who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer or have dealt with it in the past. Learn more about the Breast Cancer Support Group.
  • Online resouces - Empower your battle against breast cancer with information from around the Web. View our Online Resources.

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