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Patient Testimonials

Mental illness has many faces. Below is a glance at what patients have said about Willowbrooke at Tanner’s services, therapists, counselors and its various programs. Everyone’s experience is unique, and we strive to make every experience as positive and comforting as possible.

Comments from patients during "intake" for scheduled appointments:

  • "You have great people working for this facility. Very concerned and caring."
  • "The interviewer was very kind, thorough and made me feel at ease. She has a kind, articulate voice."
  • "Very helpful and explained everything. I appreciate the help."
  • "Tanner Behavioral Health was a great experience—not only for my child in treatment, but our entire family. Thank you so much for all of your help."

Comments from patients who have received screenings from “Help Line” counselors:

  • "I would refer anyone to this office. I was shown nothing but kindness."
  • "(The staff was) very nice and helpful. I felt comfortable from the start."
  • "I was treated with respect and I found the clinician to be very helpful, caring, and understanding. I felt very comfortable with the clinician."
  • "Everything was very nice and easy to understand."
  • "The clinician was very good with my son and I felt like she truly cared."
  • "An absolutely amazing experience. I highly recommend to others."
  • "Very pleasant experience."
  • "Very friendly and courteous."

Comments from child/adolescent and adult partial hospitalization patients and family members:

  • "Awesome!"
  • "Mr. Richard is wonderful!"
  • "Staff were very helpful and explained everything. I appreciate the help."
  • "It really helped (my child). He is being more helpful and polite and is no longer getting into trouble at school."
  • "Brenda was very helpful to me. She made me feel a lot better. I learned a lot from her. Thank her and your whole staff, they are very sweet."
  • "I was just glad you could help us as much as you did."
  • "I feel the therapy sessions were extremely helpful and I was taught many parenting tools to be the best I can with my children – tools I’ll carry with me and continue to use. Also, when I’ve needed to talk to any staff, they were prompt in contacting me and helping me with my concerns and listened to me without making me feel rushed."
  • "Brenda was wonderful to us."
  • "I had a great experience at Tanner. I think my son got a lot out of this program. Ms. Brenda was a great therapist. She made my life great and the center is a blessing."
  • "Ms. Brenda, Ms. Kitty, and Dr. Miller were very caring and took time out for the family and listened to every concern that we had."
  • "We felt the staff was very kind and understanding of our problems and concerns. Our (child) told us he felt he could say anything. It helped that others had similar problems and he was not the only one. He enjoyed group therapy the most. Ms Brenda was excellent, kind, and responsive to our questions. Thank you all for your help."
  • "Tanner Behavioral Health is a great help to children with problems. My children have been helped tremendously."
  • "Thank you."
  • "Everyone here was extremely helpful and professional. I will miss them all dearly. Thanks so much!"
  • "Val has been very helpful to me. She is a great counselor. Maureen has been a great nurse."
  • "Todd and Ms. Maureen were outstanding at their job and I only have good things to say about them."
  • "Todd was an amazing counselor. I learned more here than just how to handle my addiction. I learned how to live my life."
  • "This was a life saver for me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything."
  • "I thought all of the staff members were very great people and I got a lot of help from them all. Thank you."
  • "I really learned some positive principles from Val, Todd, and Maureen. I am very gracious that I have gotten the chance to experience this type of treatment. I have learned a lot from my peers and also health professionals. Everyone I met here, from day one, will be greatly missed. Now I get to move in my life!"

Comments by inpatients:

  • I had a great stay, the staff were good and the groups helped me a lot, so I say Thank You.
  • I feel like this program was very beneficial to my mental health and without a doubt recommend this program to anyone with similar problems and the nurses do an outstanding job.
  • The nurses are wonderful, helpful, and cheerful. The rest of the staff is helpful as well.  A special note of thanks to my therapist who conducted my family session(s).
  • The therapists were very open minded and very patient….. I love them for not pushing me when I was not ready….
  • I really think some of the nurses need to know how much they helped me. The therapists really helped me understand myself and the things going on with me.  She really turned my life and my thinking around a lot. Thanks to all of them.
  • The care I received from Tanner Medical Center was of very high quality. The nurses were attentive in all aspects of my care.  The nursing staff presented themselves to me as professional and quite compassionate while caring for me. I enjoyed my stay and feel that the facility staff, including doctors and therapists were excellent. Thank you.
  • I want to thank the whole staff. You are wonderful.
  • Everyone was helpful and wonderful. Everyone treated me with respect.
  • The nurses and therapists are wonderful. The staff always has something positive (to say) as well as having positive attitudes. I would recommend this facility to everyone I know.

Comments about Willowbrooke at Tanner's specialty programs (including TIFIP and TIP):

  • At first I was skeptical about this TIP program for my child, but it proved me wrong. They were wonderful and my child did a 360.  I’m very appreciative and I want to thank everyone at Tanner for helping my child, especially our family therapist.
  • My child has learned a lot from the program (TIFIP) and I am satisfied that she will continue to learn. Thanks for everything that has been done to help her.
  • Friendly staff, good listeners, and helpful.
  • I think my son benefitted greatly by going through TIP.  Everyone was very helpful and professional. Thank You.
  • The TIFIP therapists were all wonderful, caring, and skillful.  Our family was supported and helped through their care.
  • The TIFIP workers coming into the house helped me stay out of denial.
  • TIFIP was helpful, encouraging, and good role models for my child.
  • I just wanted to say that everyone that was involved in our home was exceptional and we will miss each of them for what they taught all of us.
  • My child has benefitted from the program and my whole family. To have someone to talk to about all the different issues that we faced. Thanks so much for all your help.
  • I have found your staff to be very down to earth and easy to deal with. They have all been able to help find solutions to problems and been creative in their methods to help me and help my child. I will recommend this program HIGHLY in the future.

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