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Sponsorship Requests

Tanner’s Philanthropy Mission

Tanner Health System focuses on sponsorships that encourages individuals, families and children in the west Georgia and east Alabama communities that Tanner serves to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

Therefore, Tanner Health System prefers to support local companies, civic groups and organizations that hold educational, health and wellness-focused events, activities, health fairs, farmers markets, etc.

Sponsorship Application Process

All organizations seeking sponsorship funds must submit the form below.

Tanner requires at least six weeks of notice to be able to consider and properly evaluate each sponsorship request. All requests will be reviewed and approved or denied according to the philanthropy mission defined above. Due to receiving numerous requests and having limited sponsorship funds, we regret that Tanner will be unable to accommodate every request.

Contact First Name:  *Contact Last Name:  *Contact Daytime Phone Number:  *Contact E-mail:  *Inquiring Sponsor Organization Name:  *Organization Address:  *Organization City:  *Organization State/Province:  *Organization ZIP:  *Organization Web Site (URL):  *Is your organization a 501(c)(3)?  *Sponsorship amount requested: Will funds be requested annually?  *Sponsorship opportunity/event name:  *Sponsor opportunity/event description:  *Does your organization/event seek to encourage healthy families and children? Is your organization/event dedicated to community development? Is the mission of your organization/event health and wellness? Does your event provide the community with educational or life-saving information? What organization, person or group benefits from the funds raised at your event? Date of sponsored event:  *What benefits will Tanner receive from sponsorship?  *Who will be attending your event?  *County of event:  *If there is no monetary cost, what is required for sponsorship?  *Please provide sponsorship levels (if any):  *What type of media, radio, Web or print exposure is expected for this event?  *What sponsors are committed to the sponsorship to date? If not known, please submit the number of sponsors anticipated:  *How many people do you expect to reach and influence with this event?  *What are the benefits we should consider as a sponsor of your event?  *Please provide any history to demonstrate the effectiveness of your organization's past events:  *

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