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Advancing Health

advancing health with medicine beyond measure


Tanner Health System provides convenient and comprehensive health care to the communities across west Georgia and east Alabama. Our strong dedication to providing the latest technology and treatment options means Tanner provides advanced care that rivals big city health systems.

We go beyond just medicine — we deliver care with a personalized, compassionate approach that makes patients feel valued. We are committed to responding to the lifelong needs of everyone in the communities we serve through innovative wellness programs and partnerships. Everyday, we strive to make a meaningful difference one person, one life at a time. We are Advancing Health with Medicine Beyond Measure.


6 Key Focus Areas:

Community | Improving the health of the communities we serve is the goal of all we do.

  • Develop partnerships to further identify, implement and evaluate strategies to address chronic disease and the overall health of the community.
  • Empower community volunteers through training and partnership to facilitate education focused on improving health across all populations and ages.
  • Ensure that prevention-focused health care and community prevention efforts are available and integrated.
  • Implement targeted interventions focused on priority populations at risk for chronic disease.
  • Engage our community to make policy changes that support healthier lifestyles.

Growth | Change is upon us. We’ll rise to the challenges by being adaptable and redefining ourselves. We will strengthen what works and take advantage of new opportunities.

  • Expand on key services, implement new services and venture into new markets to increase market share.
  • Expand our reach in the northern arc.
  • Implement 4D IMRT for breast cancer tumor treatment.
  • Expand women’s services.
  • Pursue a strategic integration agreement to grow volume and market share in orthopedics.
  • Prepare cardiology services for open heart, beginning with implementing PCI at TMC/VR.
  • Continue to build robotics program.
  • Pursue Chest Pain Center designation at TMC/C.
  • Become a Primary Stroke Center at TMC/C and TMC/VR and prepare to be stroke center designation-ready at HGH with teleneurology.
  • Open an ambulatory G.I. surgery center.
  • Partner with the Randolph County, Ala., community to build a replacement hospital in east Alabama.
  • Begin renovations at HGH.
  • Open a dedicated joint and spine center in late 2015.
  • Open new sleep center in summer 2015.
  • Construct a new medical mall in Carrollton.

Performance | Increasing our performance will result in higher efficiencies, reduced costs and provide financial stability. We can make a significant impact in the short term.

  • Identify revenue cycle improvements.
  • Identify revenue enhancement opportunities.
  • Reduce excess length of stay.
  • Reduce non-labor and supply costs.
  • Refined operating and capital budget process.
  • Initiate payor strategy affiliation and partnerships.

Physicians | Our physicians play a key role in how Tanner will grow and prosper. We will be working together to expand service lines, propel technology and heighten our expertise.

  • Partner with our physicians in clinical program development projects.
  • Launch residency program for internal medicine and behavioral health.
  • Continue recruiting physicians for key service lines.
  • Partner with West Georgia Gastroenterology to open an ambulatory G.I. surgery center.

Quality | Tanner is renowned for delivering quality care. In the future, we’ll work to exceed our own expectations.

  • Improve patient flow and care management.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Continue to make patient satisfaction the No. 1 priority.
  • Enhance clinical documentation.
  • Transform healthcare delivery to improve quality and reduce costs.

Technology | Tanner will champion quality care in our community by harnessing technology and connectivity to deliver efficient care to all.

  • Prepare for ICD-10 — the largest ICD upgrade in history, taking diagnostic and procedure codes from 17,000 to more than 140,000.
  • Use business intelligence to provide real-time data and insights to make strategic decisions quickly.
  • Use technology to engage patients, improve quality, safety and reduce health disparities.

Learn more about our commitment to health in our community by exploring tanner.org.

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